Pamela Geller drags out the anti-Semitic canard that so plagued Sara Palin six months ago. The scary thing is that Sarah Palin trotted this out in the wake of right-wing terrorism  that took place here in the good ole’ USA. Dog whistles anyone?

In an appearance yesterday on Janet Mefferd’s radio show, Geller said that she is under attack because she is one of “the most effective voices, freedom-loving voices,” and said that she is victim of a “blood libel,” a term which refers to the accusation that Jews steal the blood of Christian children for their religious rituals.

Geller: We must provide some semblance of a counterweight to this über-left, Islamic media machine. I mean look, what the media is doing now, the murder has become beside the point interestingly enough and they are going after the most effective voices, freedom-loving voices. I mean everything that I work towards is the opposite of what this man did; I mean I consistently stood for human rights, for the rule of law, for the dignity of the human person, for free speech, freedom of conscience and the equality of rights of all. There is absolutely no incitement to violence in my work or my colleagues like Robert Spencer, Ibin Warraq, in any of our work, we call for yes, discourse, intellectual discourse and dialogue, and attempting to get our ideas out there. But never do we—this is what we rail against. It’s a blood libel of the worst kind.

I wish I could say “I do not think that word means what you think it does.” Perhaps there is nothing so true as what is so vigorously denied. It looks like it’s time for another lecture on tolerance.

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