Many people have criticized the so-called ‘social gospel,’ but Jesus taught that we are to take the gospel to the world. Actually there is no such thing as a ‘social gospel.’ It is a misnomer. There is only one gospel … The cup of cold water comes after and sometimes before rather than instead of the gospel. Christians, above all others, should be concerned with social problems and social injustices. Down through the centuries the church has contributed more than any other single agency in lifting social standards to new heights.

Rev. William (Billy) Graham border=Billy Graham, from his 1984 book, Peace with God

The influential Evangelical preacher’s turned 93 yesterday. Happy belated birthday to you, reverend!

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I was surprised to learn that Graham shares a birthday with Leon Trotsky, and to be reminded of the degree to which he departed from the Moral Majority, especially on social issues. Not my path, but I’m glad there are alternatives in the world.

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